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Yashwant Raj

Bilateral support for India is growing among U.S. legislators amid its military standoff with China. Republican-dominated U.S. Senate leader Mitch McConnell began the floor debate on Monday by criticizing next year's defense budget for "picking up deadly battles" with India.

McConnell appealed for the Chamber's bipartisan support to pass the National Defense Authorization Act, 2021, with comments highlighting recent threats from China, Russia, North Korea and Iran.

“China has resumed submarine infiltration into obscure areas of Japan and has chosen deadly battles with India at deadly heights,” McConnell said.

In a one-story speech on June 18, McConnell said the Chinese military had "provoked the worst violent confrontation between China and India since those nations went to war in 1962." The clashes killed 20 Indian soldiers on June 15.

Also on Monday, another Republican senator, Marco Rubio, backed India. "Today I spoke to #SandhuTaranjitas that in order to express solidarity with the people of #India he firmly confronts the uncontrolled and legal armed aggression by the #China Communist Party." He was referring to a conversation with Indian Ambassador to the US Taranjit S Sandhu.

"India has made it clear that it will not be slandered by Beijing," added Rubio, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a panel of the State Department and the congressional congress overseeing the country's foreign policy.

The State Department has also blamed the Chinese aggression for the friction of the bore. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo often mentions the collision. “The [Chinese] P.L.A. [People’s Liberation Army] "We are seeing it today in India's most famous, populous democracy," he said on June 18. He also lamented the killing of Indian soldiers.

President Donald Trump offered to mediate in May, but the offer was turned down by both countries.

In a TV interview on Sunday, the Republican senator, who is a close ally of Trump, slammed the U.S. through Beijing. And Bhela condemned China's aggression on India's border to show the growing threat to its allies.

"The Chinese Communist Party is definitely using it [Covid-19] The epidemic is trying to make claims and take very aggressive action against almost all of its neighbors, "said Katton." High in the Himalayas, China has inevitably attacked our ally India. And they have killed 20 Indian soldiers. "

Cotton cites violations of international commitments to aggression against Hong Kong, China's Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia. "China is becoming more aggressive than ever. That’s why it’s so important that we support all our allies and partners. "

Elliott Angle, chairman of the Democratic-led House Foreign Affairs Committee, condemned the Chinese aggression before the deadly border clash in early June. "I am very concerned about the ongoing Chinese aggression on the Line of Actual Control on the Indo-China border," Angel said. "China is once again demonstrating that it is ready to threaten its neighbors instead of resolving disputes in accordance with international law."

Ami Bera, the Indian-origin chairperson of the Asia subcommittee of the Home Affairs Committee, tweeted, & # 39; I am concerned about the continued Chinese aggression on India's border. & # 39;


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