RTI activist flags off construction in Kaziranga cattle corridor in violation of SC order – india News


A Right to Information (RTI) and environmental activist has lodged a complaint with the Central Committee of Officers (CEC) against illegal construction and tiger reserve in the animal corridor near Kaziranga National Park (KNP) in violation of the Supreme Court order.

In a complaint filed before a committee constituted by the apex court on Tuesday to monitor the implementation of the court order, Rohit Chaudhary said illegal construction was going on in the KNP's Kanchanjuri Animal Corridor and the tiger reserve was granted last April in violation of the apex court order. Year.

In its order, the SCA banned all mining related activities flowing in the KNP area and the catchment area of ​​rivers / streams / rivers arising in the Karbi Anglong hills as well as in the national park and tiger reserve.

The SC order said new construction would not be allowed on private lands that form part of the nine so-called animal corridors.

The complaint alleges that the “defamatory violation” of the SC’s judgment is the result of contempt of court by the court in collaboration with the Assam government and orders should be issued to demolish the construction and connectivity of the Animal Corridor.

"A powerful and influential person is involved in the construction of a huge building along the access road to the important Kenchenjuri Animal Corridor, KNP and one of the nine known corridors of the Tiger Reserve," the complaint, a copy of which was sent to H.T. Together, read on.

It added that these nine corridors are a lifeline for Kaziranga's wildlife, especially in other species of tiger life, especially the long-lived Indian elephant species.

Chaudhary alleged that the construction could be easily seen from the national highway running close to the national park, so illegal activity was going on along with the forest, civil and area police administrations.

The plaintiff mentioned that the matter was taken up with the Chief Secretary of State earlier this month, though no action has been taken to curb the illegal constructions.

"If the destruction of the proposed animal corridor continues in this manner, it is time that all the corridors be destroyed and blocked and the Kaziranga tiger reserve and its wildlife be completely separated from the Karbi Anglong hills, which is a lifeline for troubles. "Animals during the annual flood."

Chaudhary recommended to the CEC to intervene and recommend legal action against all violators of the SC judgment, including government officials.

Despite repeated attempts, neither the state forest minister nor other officials of the departments were available for their comments on the issue.


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