Men in khaki donate footwear to foreign workers who walk thousands of miles to reach home


The sight of expatriate laborers marching thousands of miles barefoot to reach their homeland is heart-wrenching. Stories and images on social media about the suffering and misery of these migrants will remain forever in our memory.

The majority of these migrants are young people, in their 20s and 30s, present in extremely obscure circumstances. Many of them are in short-term employment contracts, do not own their own property and live in private rented accommodation away from their families. To make them walk longer.

Pushing by circumstances, these people were faced with two totally choices: to stay put, or to return to their homeland and take care of their more in a family environment. Many of them decided to return home due to lack of transportation facilities.

To help these expatriates, Agra police had set up stalls to provide free slippers and shoes to expatriate workers. Vikas Jaiswal, CO of Sadar Circle, says, “Summer months are as challenging in North India. Roads become scorching hot, especially during the day, and walking barefoot on them can be very painful. Realizing the problem, the Agra police department decided to provide slippers and shoes to the migrants. ”

Since the beginning of the lockout, Agra police have been helping the poor, migrants, rickshaw pullers and laborers with food packets and water bottles.

Jaiswal adds, “This is a migration that has been going on for days from Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. This is the least we can do for them. His smiles are the greatest blessing we can have. ”

The Agra Police will continue to render these services in the coming days after returning all the services to their homes. The soldiers have also put up a banner informing the migrants about their initiative. The message on the banner reads, "Let's cooperate, a mission, an initiative, free shoes and slippers for migrant workers".

Jaiswal shares, “Knowing about our initiative and getting the slippers, many laborers and migrants had tears in their eyes. Such an initiative to build trust in the police and the state machinery will go a long way. ”


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