Best Way On Blogging Comunity

Have you made up your mind to become a member of the Star Blogging Community? If yes, then you have taken the best decision, because here you are going to get a lot of help for your career.

Now we have made the Star Blogging website a Star Blogging Community, which means that now you can also create your account here and contribute to this community.

These communities are like a social network , here you can connect with each other member and make good connections with them. Which will give you the maximum benefit, because there are different feild members like Web Developer, Digital Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, SEO / SEM Expert and Blogger , from which you will get to learn a lot.

What are the benefits of Star Blogging Community and why should we join?

  • Target Audience: Here you will get target audiences, meaning you will get the traffic you want for your blog from here. For this, build your trust.
  • Help Forum: Here you will get to see different forums on different topics, so that you can solve any problem immediately.
  • Groups: Groups are also included here, where you can add to your interest related groups and discuss new topics.
  • Make Money: The biggest benefit of making this community is the right traffic, here you will get target traffic only. Which are the most to do affiliate marketing. And we this. You are also given a chance to earn money through Affiliate Post. Be smart ( because smart enough is enough )
  • Get Backlink: Now you can get a high quality backlink by posting a guest. You can publish as many posts as you want here.
  • Experiment : I think this is the best. Because the website will be one and Post Publish will do it separately. In such a situation, when someone posts on an authority website and does not rank, then you will know exactly how SEO works .

Star Blogging Community Par Account Kaise Banaye?

Step 1)   First click on Signup or Become Member .Star Blogging sign up

Step 2)  Fill Register Form Carefully

star blogging register form

  1. Enter your email address.  
  2. Keep the password strong, meaning use symble (@, $, #, &,%) in the password.
  3. Fill your first and last name. This will show on your profile.
  4. Username will be the URL of your profile eg if you kept your username KulwantSingh then your profile URL would be = . So keep it unique and easy.
  5. In which case you are interested or what is your passion, they must choose here. 
  6. You have said that location-select if you do not then India Other to-select it.
  7. It must be selected. 
  8. Now click on Create Account.


Step 3)  Confirm Email Address star blogging confirm email

Step 4)  Check your email. You will get an Activation key on which you have to click. confirm email address

Step 5)  Now click on activate.

activation key


Step 6) Your account has been activated, now click on Login.

account activated

Step 7)  Now fill in the login blogging login form

  1. If you have registered with the above step then fill the same email and password and click on login. 
  2. If you want to login in easy way then login through Facebook or Google. 


How to setup your profile?

Now your account has been created. So right now, you need to edit your profile and share your complete details in it. This detail will give correct information about you to others and will help in getting to know about you. For this, enter your correct and complete information. 

Step 1) First click on Profile and then click on Edit Profile. profile setting


Step 2) Do  the settings as given below. star blogging base setting

  1. First click on the base setting.
  2. Fill in your first name and last name.
  3. Keep username unique and easy.
  4. Select Profile Type in which you have interest. 
  5. Click on Save Changes. 


Step 3) Do the biography settings as given below. edit biography settings

  1. First select the Biography settings. 
  2. Then fill your great details.
  3. Select your DOB, Gender and Location.
  4. Click on Save Changes. 


Step 4) Add social media account as given below. edit social media setting


Step 5)  Change your profile photo. change profle photo


Step 6) Change your cover photo. change cover photo


How to Change Account Settings 

Step 1) First click on Account.SBC account settings


Step 2)   After this, if you want to edit or change your login details, you can do it from here. account-settings-login-information


Step 3) After that check the settings of Email Preferences and change accordingly. Account-settings-Email-Preferences


Step4) Now you must connect your account with social media account. This will make it very easy for you to login later. connect Account-Setting


Step 5) Once check your account privacy and change according to your wish. SBC account settings Privacy settins


Conclusion :

So friends, in this way you can create a successful account of Star Blogging Community and can proceed in a successful way. If you too have a habit of spending most of the time on Facebook or other social media or checking frequently, then do not leave this habit from now, otherwise you are going far away from your Life Goal and do not waste your precious group like this Rather, use it properly to learn the skills that achieve your goals.

What Is Affilate Marketing

Do you know that there are many ways to make money online? But perhaps you do not know what is the way in which the maximum income can be made. If you are a blogger, youtuber or an influencer, then this post is going to be most lucky for you.

Because after reading this post you will know how you can earn Passive income.

Do you know that there are 2 types of people in the world who make money ,,,

One he works all day, then he gets his money and the other is the people who work once and then money starts coming in, whether he is sleeping or working, money keeps on coming.

There is a 20/80 formula for earning money that you may not be aware of. According to this formula, people do 20% work and they get 80% result .

This formula works in Affiliate Marketing. Here you have to create great content once and then just the same content will continue to earn you money. Which is called Smart Work .

So do you want to do smart work? If yes, then read the whole, otherwise these posts are not for you.

Let’s not delay too much, you know all about affiliate marketing from beginning to end….

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Most people do not understand the meaning of this word. As long as you will not only be able to share the meaning of Affilliate Marketing, you will not be able to succeed in this work.

I will try to explain it in easy language.

Affiliate Marketing:  Affiliate marketing means earning a commission from the sale of another company or fellow product.

For example, a company has a weight gainer product and you have a health related blog or YouTube channel that thousands of people follow. In such a situation, you can sell the product of that company to the people of your blog or channel.

As soon as people buy that product, then you will get a commission. Which different company may have different commission rate.

So let’s know now that…

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

If you want to get into this marketing and want to earn a lot of money too, then you should know how this affiliate marketing system works.

You cannot succeed in any work without knowledge, so first of all understand the process of this work .

Affiliate marketing includes main 4 point ,,,,

  1. The  Marchant : 

    It is the company or person that creates the product, which means the product.

  2. The Affiliates : 

    This is the person who works to sell the product of Marchant. In this, all those people come who sell other products on their blog or on any platform. You can also call it Publisher.

  3. Affiliate Platform : 

    This is a platform where any affiliate marketer joins their Affilate program to sell any company or product of Marchant. There are different categories of products here.

  4. Consumer : 

    It is the person who buys the product, which we call the customer. The whole thing stops on this guy, that is why it is most important. Because unless you buy this product, you will not have income.

It is said that the customer is like God.

Work Process of Affiliate Marketing

Now we try to understand why Affiliate Marketing is needed and why it was finally started. So let’s understand it in an easy way.

affiliate marketing model

Suppose X Fellow has a product that is an SEO tool, but X Fellow does not have audience means people who can buy it. The same Y Banda is one who has a blog of his own, here he publishes posts about SEO and blogging and there are millions of monthly traffic on his blog but there is no great way of income.

In such a case, X Fellow has the product but no traffic and the same Y Fellow has traffic but there is no good way for income. In such a situation, X offered Y that you sell my product, I will give you 30% of your earnings.

In such a situation, the Y Fellow took the offer and started selling his product on his blog, just like a guy buys a product from his blog, only then the blogger gets his commsion.

So due to this affiliate marketing both Marchant (X) and Affiliates (Y) are getting worried. This is why Affiliate Marketing is becoming so popular today.

Some things related to Affiliate Marketing 

If you are joining Affiliate Marketing, then you must read about the things related to it and some points used in it…

  1. Affiliate Link :

    When we join an affiliate program of a company, they give us a unique link which we add to our blog, page or channel, when a person buys a product through that link then we get commission. . This link is called Affiliate Link.

  2. Affiliate ID : 

    When you join an affiliate program of a company, then they give you a unique ID. Whenever you sell their product, all their data is tracked only through this ID, how many of your products are sold and how many clicks you get, these IDs are also added to your affiliate link.

  3. Affiliate Maketplace :

    Now there are some websites, big companies are attached to them. Now if any one wants to join affiliate marketing of a company, then he does not need to go to all the companies, he will join this website, here all other companies have their products. These websites are called Affiliate market place.

  4. Link Clocking :

    Affiliate links are large enough that they do not look good to share. In such a situation, they are shortened with the help of a link short website or plugin called Link Clocking.

  5. Payment Mode : 

    When you sell a successful product, money comes into your affiliate account, which you can withdraw from paypal, wired tranfer or any other method which is called Paynent Mode.

  6. Payment Threshold :

    Some companies are wary that you cannot withdraw money until you have 100 $ in your account, only then you can withdraw it. These amounts can be more or less according to the company and this amount is called Payment Threshold. This amount may be less according to the company.

  7.  Commission :

    When the product is sold, the company pays you according to the product, which we call commission. These commissions vary from company to company. Some companies pay as a% and some pay directly.

  8. 2-Tier Affiliate Marketing :

When we join an affiliate of a company, we are Tier 1 affiliates marketer, but if we tell someone ahead that you sell this product, we will commission you, then people joining further come into tier 2 affiliate marketing. Like it happens in Network Marketing.

So friends, these are some points which are associated with Affiliate Marketing. I hope you are now fully aware of them.

So let’s know now….

How to start Affiliate Marketing?

Now you have got the basic knowledge of Affiliate Marketing, so now it is the turn of how we can start affiliate marketing. The simple answer to this is that if you have Manpower then you can join affiliate marketing. Because the more followers or subscribers you have, the more you can earn from it.


Good News: If you do not have Target Audienece, then you can submit Affiliate Post on Star Bloggingas well because we have Target Target Audienece related to Blogging, SEO, WordPress and Digital, from which you will definitely get Income and Experince. So do not delay and start today from Affiliate Marketing.


What to do to start Affiliate Marketing?

Choose Product

First of all, search for a product that is being bought a lot these days. Such as mobile phone, watch, laptop, related to kitchen or health, sports, or select the category of product that you are most aware of.

Choose Market Platform

Now you choose an affiliate market which is reliable and very famous, so that you do not have the risk of taking payment or froud later. There are many such market places, here you can join affiliate marketing ,,,

Best Affiliate MarketPlace

  • Amazon Affiliate
  • Flipkart Affiliate
  • Click Bank
  • Share A Sale
  • CJ Affiliate
  • Impact

Choose your Platform

Now that you have chosen your product and marketing, you can also choose such a way, here you can sell these products. Remember that the more people you have, the more you can earn from this marketing. In such a situation, join today to increase more and more followers.

Now you must be thinking which platform should you choose and increase your followers?

So do not take tension, below I have given a list of some platforms, you can start on any or all platforms according to you, ,,,

  1. Blogging
  2. YouTube
  3. Social Media Page
  4. Social Media Group
  5. Become Influencer

All these platforms are very popular and many people are engaged in doing affiliate marketing through them and people who have millions of followers are earning crores of rupees from this marketing.

In such a situation, I have once again started today to increase my followers on these platforms.

So, let us now know what we have to do and where to begin. Now we also know how to make this marketing successful ,,,

How to become successful in affiliate marketing?

You cannot be successful in any such work. For this, you should have complete knowledge and also know which technique is necessary for this and what are the mistakes which can prevent us from being successful.

Today I will finish this post only by giving you complete information. If you StarBloggingCommunity The member then will receive more information and your forum and groups to discuss with each other will continue to do what it is no problem here.

If you would like all members today is not a member Sign Up  or Login to.

To be successful in affiliate marketing, keep these things in mind ,,,

  1. Choose the right product: Always choose the product that you are fully aware of. When choosing a product, keep in mind how much people are buying the product. Do not select a product in which people do not have interest.
  2. Competition: Keep in mind that how many people are engaged in selling it and whether people are engaged in this work, can you compete with them or not. Do check your competiton.
  3. Select Right Platform:  Choose the platform according to your skills. If you are an expert in writing, then blogging is best for you , and if you are good at speaking, then you can also do Affiliate Marketing by becoming Influencer on YouTube or social media.
  4. Ultimate Techniques:  Do you know that selling is also a skill that not everyone can do in a bad way, there is also a technique for which not everyone knows. You must also learn the affilaite technique. Like how to promote affiliate product and what mistake to avoid.

I am going to tell all these techniques in the next post if you want to know these techniques then tell me in the comment below and if you are included in the MemberList of Star Blogging, then you can ask us about any problem in the forum . can discuss.